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About the Band

Welcome - to the RiffRaff

The Helltown Riffraff began in late 2017 as the backing band for Jeremy Rodgers' solo material. They are quickly gaining a following in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond for their thumpy blues and rock with a country twang. Led by Jeremy's growling baritone and sinister songwriting, supported by Lani's beautiful harmonies and backbeat, driven forward by Charlie's funky and melodic bass groove, and complemented by the Genevieve Roesch and Marie Andrews Martin on backing vocals and additional instruments, the Helltown Riffraff will have you nodding your head and smirking along all night. 


The Riffraff's first album, Dismal Hollow Rd, is releasing Winter of 2018. Stay tuned.

Jeremy Rodgers - Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Jeremy Rodgers began singing and songwriting in 2013 after years of playing bass in multiple bands in the Northern Virginia area. As well as being the band leader for the Helltown Riffraff, he is an author and music producer. His first two solo albums, Darkest Hour and Ugly Old Suit, are available at all Helltown Riffraff shows. He loves whiskey, wine and pipe smoke. 


Jeremy worked part time as the gravedigger for the cemetery on the outskirts of town. What he did with the rest of his time was harder to determine. He disappeared for days at a time before popping into the local pub. He would buy a round for everyone, telling stories and jokes, being the life of the town, until the wee hours of the morning. Then a darkness would fall across his face and he would slink off into the rising sun for another few days. In neighboring towns, people would go missing, but they never came back like Jeremy did. 

Lani Urreta - Vocals, Drums, Melodica

Lani Urreta studied music/vocal performance at George Mason University and has spent many years singing solo and with choirs in the DC Metro area. She has been at Jeremy's side since 1991 and loves getting the chance to harmonize and bang about when Jeremy performs. She also enjoys hearing stories and exploring human complexities and curiosities, especially around darker themes.


She came from an unknown land. There was a strange aura about her that made everyone around her happy and at ease. She would appear most often when life was hardest and her smile could calm the most frightened souls.
Because of Lani, many people left this world with a smile, even as old age and disease robbed them of life and love. How she always knew where to be and what to say was a mystery that few wanted to solve. The implications were frightening...

Charlie Loudermilk - Bass

Charlie Loudermilk grew up in the Washington DC area and picked up the bass guitar in junior high.  After High School he started playing in local bands around the DC area and taking the act on the road to places like NYC, Baltimore, Richmond and Philadelphia.  Charlie joined Jeremy and “The Helltown Riffraff” in 2017, and is now based in Winchester, VA.  He enjoys fly fishing and kayaking the rivers of Virginia for Smallmouth Bass.  He loves craft beers especially Dry Stouts and Sour Beers.


Charlie always found things while fishing. He'd pull up trinkets and treasures from the river with his hook and pole. Sometimes it would be darker things, scraps of bone and skin. The constable would occasionally have to question him.
"Isn't it a bit suspicious that you keep coming across these bodies?" the constable would ask. Charlie would always reply the same way.
"I just like to fish…"

Genevieve Roesch - Backing Vocals

Bio and picture coming soon!


"Down in the holler on the outskirts of town was Genevieve's farm. It was larger and more prosperous than one woman could possibly manage. Rumors flew of odd little beings who she kept hidden in the fields. Said to be a mix of human child and feral animal, they helped her sow and reap, and watched over her at night. If you approached the farmhouse uninvited their gentle grunts would grow louder and angrier, surrounding you on all sides, just out of sight..."

Marie Andrews Martin - Backing Vocals, Flutes, Uke, Melodica

Bio and picture coming soon!


"Strange men came to town every few months, wearing fancy clothes and talking with thick accents. They were all searching for Marie. Over drinks they would tell tales of her time on glittering stages in exotic cities around the world. Her talent as an actress won the hearts of dukes, princes, and sheikhs. She would never meet them and refused to discuss her past. The men would disappear in the night, leaving all their belongings at her doorstep..."